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      I have created the attached database for our small business. I have a question in regards to creating a reminder (similar to an Outlook reminder) that will pop up to remind us to do calls and get back to clients at a specific time and date. 

      I have created time and date fields I am not sure if this helps.

      Thanks in advance.

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          You cannot directly upload files to the forum. Please note the listed file types of what can be uploaded--they are all file types for image files, not databases.

          Reminder messages are possible. Essentially a script does a find for all records in a table where a "date due" type field matches specified criteria--such as all dates within 7 days of today or some such with additional criteria to keep the reminders from appearing more than needed such as more than once a day.

          Typically, such a "check for reminders" script would be set to run from the "onFirstWindowOpen" script so that each time a user opens the file the script checks for and displays reminders.