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    Reminder in FMP



      Reminder in FMP


           How do I set up a task reminder that alerts me when a task needs to be carried out?

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               Not enough information I'm afraid. It depends on which task and also the structure of your solution. If you provide more info you'll likely get a lot of help from this forum.

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                 I just want it to send me a reminder that I should go in and look at the record on a particular date.  So for example I could set it to send me a reminder on 20th Oct that I should go in and look at this record on that date.  It should flash up the message when I open the database.  Is it possible to do this?

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              Markus Schneider

                   You can have a start-script running 'on first window open'

                   - have a table (for example) with the reminders

                   - the starter script checks for reminders, for example by searching the reminder table for date_reminder = current date

                   - if there are records: Create a PopOver (pops up via script, semitransparent, in the Upper right corner (like 'growl', etc) with that data

                   - create a second field in the reminder table with 'done' to make sure that a reminder will only pop up until 'done' 

                   You can have the start-script showing all reminders for the current week, current day, month - etc

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                     If the file is hosted from FileMaker server, you can use an SMTP mail server and a schedule to run such a script once a day whether it is opened or not.

                     There are also other options that do this on a regular schedule via Install OnTimerScript and robot files opened on a schedule via an OS based scheduler such as "windows scheduled tasks".