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Reminder popup alert schedule appointment

Question asked by Frances on Jan 31, 2013
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Reminder popup alert schedule appointment


     Am new to FMPro12. I have created Enquiry and Customers layouts. The Enquiry layout includes fields:- 'Appointment' (a drop-down date), 'Time' (a drop-down value list) and 'Salesperson' (a drop-down value list).

     I would like to be able to view appointments in layouts/yet to be created layouts:- Enquiry (allocated appointment), Customers (all respective appointments), Calendar (all appointments), Salesperson (all relevant appointments).

     I would also like to be able to add appointments to the calendar which relate to Salesperson, but not Customers.

     As a bonus, I would like a popup/alert to appear an hour before each appointment.

     I suspect I have asked quite alot in one post and appreciate what I have created so far may not be the best way.