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    Reminder Portal



      Reminder Portal


      FMPro11 and Mac 10.6

      Before I waste hours, I would like to know if it is even possible to produce a small Portal which displays, let’s say, 5 next items due. For example, on 1st May, the Portal would display: First Item 5th May, Second Item 14th May, Third Item 10th June, etc. On 6th May, the 5th May item would move to the end of the list and out of sight, i.e. the list would sort automatically and daily so that the next item due is at the top.

      Some items would renew annually e.g. Insurance, and others may be one offs, e.g. Appointment.

      If this Portal is possible, I would appreciate a few pointers. In particular, how would the Portal sort or update daily? Also, what would be the best way to deal with the dates which would generally not require the year included?



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          Sure, no problem.

          You did not provide much information in terms of what tables you would like to see this on etc. So I'll make some assumptions.

          First create a new field in the layout where you would like to see your portal. Make it a Date field with Global storage turned on. Let's call it: "Global_CurrentDate"

          Then create a script that you either run on startup or on the entering of your layout.

          The script steps:
          Set Field [YourTable::Global_CurrentDate; Get (CurrentDate)]
          Commit Record / Request

          That's it. Set this script as a script trigger an LayoutEnter of your layout.
          Then make a relationship between the layout you want the portal on and the layout that's going to provide the data for the portal. If that happens to be the same table then make a second table occurrence.

          Create a relationship:


          The relationship type is "Equal to or greater then"

          Now create the portal on your layout based on the "PortalTable"

          Make the portal display 5 lines and turn of the scroll bar.

          I made you a little sample:



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            Try filtering the portal for portal record number < 5 and sort by due date. 

            Or sort the portal by due date and format it to only show 5 lines.

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              Thanks both for the prompt, clear suggestions and useful sample file.

              I'm sure info is sufficient but will post if any problem.

              Thanks again.