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           Is there a way of setting up filemaker to prompt/remind you when certain dates are due?

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               You can use Install OnTimer Script.   To perform a script that checks due date.   The app would have to be running and the interverals are set in seconds.   FileMaker Training has a sample app (reminder with timer)  and Filemaker Training material is reasonablly priced. Electroinc download 19.99 and Book & Dvd 39.99.


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                 Depending on Time - something in hours, days, or weeks.

                 Activities History Table related to events table by event id. Activity History portal on Event layout allows adding entries to it. The portal has Date Entered, Notes, Next Action Date (which autofills on creation with Get(CurrentDate)+14, and a Done Checkbox (Yes/No).
                 Activities Due Table Occurance related to Activity History2::NextActionDate greater than or equal to Activities Due::Today and Done not equal to Yes.Constant
                 A layout (Activity History2) opens in a new window and has a portal on it Showing Activities Due.


                 Go to Layout [YourLayout]
                 Enter Find Mode [ ]
                 Set Field [ Table::DateField; GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "..." & GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) + 7 ) ]
                 Perform Find [ ]
                 Enter Browse Mode []

                 This will find all the records for the next 7 days. To pop up a new window create another layout of the same data  in list or table mode.  Add a line to the beginning of the script:
                 New Window [Name: "Notifications";Height: 100; Width: 300]

                 Producing a small window with the records listed with just a limited amount of the data for just a simple easy reminder.  Bind this to the startup or simply move it to the top of the scripts to access it with the CTRL+1 shortcut.



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                   Thanks DavidAnders, i'm going for the second option, however i'm stuck at this line

                   Set Field [ Table::DateField; GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "..." & GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) + 7 ) ]

                   Do i enter this on the Date field where i need to search for the date range? and do i enter the whole wording as it is, i've tried several times and its not returning the desired result. i'm probably not doing it right.


                   Thanks for your help once again!!!

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                     In the Set Field script step you have two options: one is to choose the field to set, and the second is what to set the field to.

                     Click the first option and a field list will pop up.  If you are already on the right layout when you edit the script it will show you the list of fields in that table. Otherwise click the pop-up at the top and choose the correct table occurrence.  Choose the correct date field from the list.

                     The click the lower option, and specify what to set the field to.  Set that to be:

                     GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "..." & GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) + 7 )

                     When you close all the dialogues the script step will look like DavidAnders post, except Table:DateField will be replaced by the field you have chosen.

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                       Thank you so much Sorbsbuster and DavidAnders. Your brilliant!!!

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                         I can now find records for the next 7 days using the script.

                         Quick question,  in the end result, i want to include records with dates that are 21 days before the current date ie from 21/10/12 can you please help me out with the calculation. Would it be something like,


                    •           GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "..." & GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) + 7 and or - 21)
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                           Not clear about what you mean.. Do you mean you want to find records where the date is in the last 21 days?  If that is the case then the Set Field line would change to:

                           GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) - 21) & "..." & GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )

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                             Apologies for not making myself clear.

                             I want to find records that in the last 21 days as well as the next 7 days

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                               GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) - 21) & "..." & GetAsText ( Get ( CurrentDate ) + 7 )

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                                 Thank you so much once again!!!