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    Remote Access



      Remote Access


      Hi Everyone,

      I hope I have posted my query in the right place. If not sorry.

      I am using FileMakerPro 11 Advanced on windows 7.

      The problem: I have filemaker on my pc at home and the head office is in cornwall. i cant load filemaker on the server at the moment, that will change by the end of the year.

      Requirements: i need my training manager, my training co-ordinator and the other directors to be able to access the datebase at different levels. The directors will be able to see all information such as salaries and personal information. my training co-ordinator needs to be able to up date the database with basic information such training dates and attendance details. My training manager needs to be able to review the courses listed and the individual training programmes. I do not want this available to the public or in the google index just a hidden site that only those above know about.

      The only way i can see of making this database available is over the internet. since we already have a web site, another solution may be to set up a seperate site just for the datebase.

      Our current site is in PHP. I don't know if using instant web publisher is an answer.

      Any help would be apprecaited.

      Mant thanks


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          You have multiple options depending on your programming skills (or that of a consultant you hire) and the software you have acquired. I'm not going to spell out all the technical details here, just list the basic options available. You'll need to research them in more depth to decide on which route you want to take.

          You can use custom web publishing with PHP to serve the database up to the web with password controls to limit access. This option is the most work, but is the most flexible if your remote users do not have their own copies of FileMaker and you want them to use the web browsers to access the database.

          You can use instant web publishing to make your database available to people using a web browser to access your database. This takes less work and does not require a knowledge of PHP, but also limits many interface options so you have to adjust your existing database layouts (or create layouts just for web use) to work within those limitations.

          If your users have copies of FileMaker Pro, they can use remote access to connect directly to your database over the internet. This is often called a WAN or Wide Area Network. Connection speeds are generally quite a bit slower than over a Local network, but no web publishing is required in order for you to set this up.

          With all three options, you can either host the database yourself. (Computer, firewalls, ports, and internet router need correct settings to make this happen.) Or you can hire a hosting company to host the database for you.

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            Thanks Phil, I gives me food for thought.