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Remote access

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 24, 2013
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Remote access


     I have exhausted the net and forums to precisely answer this. 

     I currently have a mac with fma12. I am using this to design new db and using Dropbox as a back up. Once I have finished I shall be purchasing a new Mac mini server to host this new database. There will be 5 or so other macs in the same network connecting to the server to use the db via remote, as normal. 

     Back ups will be implemented by save a copy script to a dedicated folder on the extra hd in the mac. This folder will be a drop box folder as well as being part of the time machine back up schedule. The main drive, where the open database file will be, will also be part of the time machine back up process, but I shall exclude the db folder.

     i would like the ability to be able to connect to my db from outside my network. Is this possible to do in the same why I open a remote file within the network? Can I just open fm at my home mac, go to open remote, and enter ip of my server as it will have static ip? Or will I need fm12 server?  I don't want to use iwp. If this is possible, what is the minimum download/ upload speed? I don't want to go down the route of paying for a host service. 

     And how do I set up remote access? Don't want to use vnc either. 

     Thank you