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    Remote Access



      Remote Access


      I would like to set up a file on my desktop that I access remotely and want to push information into and pull information from  it from my work app on my iPad.  I assume I would use Open Remote to open the remote file.  From there am I able to write a script on the remote that I trigger from my iPad's script?  I really don't have a grasp of how this needs to be set up.  For instance once it is opened does my iPad see the file on my desktop as it does any other file in the iPad and can I create references to it like I would other local files?

      What I need to do is push or pull around 10-100 records of information between them.

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          There's more than one issue raised by your post and I can't answer to all of them.

          If you have WiFi available, you can host the database using FileMaker Pro on your computer. This requires turning on FileMaker sharing on your computer and enabling the file for sharing also. You can then launch FM GO on your iPad and Tap the "Hosts" icon to get a list of computers currently hosting a FileMaker Pro database. You can then select the hosted file and open it as though it were an actual file on your iPad. I use this method to double check interface design on new solution for my iPhone so that I don't have to copy a file still being created back and forth between devices.

          If you need to access your database from outside the range of the local network's WiFi, you'll need to configure your network's router for port forwarding to enable access from outside of the network. This is not something I can speak to, but others here can and frequently do.

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            I will need to log in via a tcp/ip connection as I will be out on the road and my desktop will be at home.

            Once logged in will scripts and relationships function the same as if both files were running on the same machine?

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              In what I described there would be only one file, the file hosted on the computer that you'd access from your iPad.

              Most scripts will function identically in FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro but there are exceptions also. There's a compatibility check you can make for this from within the script editor that will show you which, if any steps in a given script might not be compatible with FIleMaker Pro or Go.

              You may want to consider a "synched" soluton where you download a subset of the records to your iPad, add and modify records on it, only to synch the data back to the hosted file on the computer once you are back in a location where you have a good wireless connection (not necessarlily the local WiFi).

              Several third party tools such as those offered by 360Works and SeedCode offer the ability to make such a synch of FileMaker data possible.

              There's also a PDF document from FileMaker on the subject: http://www.filemaker.com/solutions/ios/docs/fmi_guide_sync_en.pdf

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                Thanks.  I am however not trying to have a synched file.

                I need two different fmp files.  One on my desktop and the other on my iPad.  I need when I am out in the field to be able to push some records from the iPad to the desktop and vice versa.


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                  Sorry but that's exactly what we mean by a "synched" solution.

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                    OK.  Let me very clear.

                    These are different FMP files.  As in they are not the same data base at all.  The tables are different.  The records are different.

                    I need to get 10 records from one (or at least the information from 10 records and put the information in the other one.

                    Synching them would imply the records in the one are the same as the other or need to be the same.  This is not the case.

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                      That is not the case. It's still a synch process and the info I have already provided still applies. A synch does not require identical files, tables or records, just some data in common that needs to be moved from one to the other and this is what you describe here.

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                        Before you put the new file on your iPhone to test it do you do the full development on a single machine running both files?