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    Remote Access inop



      Remote Access inop


      This defies explanation so maybe someone's dealt with this before using FM Pro Advanced, 10.0 v3, Windows:


      I've been using the Remote Access function flawlessly for months but this morning it just stopped working: FMPA would simply hang and I'd be unable to perform any function or close the app so I'd have to force quit the program using the Task Manager. When I launch FMPA again everything works fine except Remote Access, so it's a mystery.


      Aside from the probably reinstallation of the app, is there a fix I can make?




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          You click the "remote" button and it hangs instead of listing servers or...?


          I wonder if there's a problem with your install of Bonjour which Filemaker uses to pull up a host list. I'd try a re-install of that app first.

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            >>You click the "remote" button and it hangs instead of listing servers or...?<


            Yup, exactly that. I'll try the Bonjour reinstall over the weekend and will report back.


            Thanks for the suggestion!

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              Repaired, removed, and reinstalled Bonjour--didn't help. :(

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                Thank you for your post.


                The server.pem file is also used to find FileMaker Pro files hosted on Server.  If that is corrupt, it might cause a problem.  However, I don't think this is the cause because usually, you get an error message and/or remote files are not shown.  The server.pem file is a certificate that is created during installation of FileMaker Pro (and Server).  If you have another machine that is running FileMaker Pro and able to see shared files, copy the server.pem file from that machine (in the FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced folder) and place it on the problem machine.  Launch FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced and try again.


                If this doesn't work, then I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced.



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