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Remote access issue

Question asked by WMD on Jan 24, 2012
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Remote access issue


   We are running an Imac to serve Filemaker Pro 11.0v4 and we are using 2 MacBook Air to remotely run the files.  We have recently upgraded to a Static IP broadband connection and we have set up access to the shared files in the server but we still cannot access the FMP files.  When we open the files on the local we use the 10.0 ....  address to access the filemaker shared files.  I am able to access the files through screen sharing off the server but I want direct access to these files.  How do I configure this?  I have tried to do a port forward in our system and the Comcast Modem does not find any computers on our local although 2 machines are working off the server.  I also tried IWP but I don't like the results (Buttons, shortcuts, built into system do not function).  How do I configure this?