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Remote Access to Filemaker Pro using port forwarding

Question asked by BenHough on Aug 3, 2015
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Remote Access to Filemaker Pro using port forwarding


Hi there

I have a solution which everyone in office wants to go ahead with, but part of the solution I promised to the business was sharing and remote access.

We are a very small business hoping to access a FM file on 2-4 copies of FM Pro on individual licenses and a few copies of FM Go.

Sharing within our local network is absolutely fine. However, configuring remote access to the Filemaker File hosted on my computer as per this article... more difficult:

We share a router and connection in our office with other businesses, and we are not really allowed to mess with the router. I am also told by the IT guy of the other business that the connection would be too slow and that the router does not support this (because of firewall issues...?).

I am looking at other options, and it seems this is what we have:

- host the file with a third party, as suggested elsewhere on these forums E.G.

- use FM Server, but pay a lot more for Filemaker...

- Buy a server ourselves


I would love to ask from other users if anyone has a working remote access solution in place using simply Port Fowarding and accessing a host machine remotely, or if people tend to go the other routes, and what people suggest at the most cost effective/reliable solution.

Many thanks as always to you guys