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Remote access to linked files

Question asked by JoelMG on Oct 4, 2011
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Remote access to linked files


I host a little database on my Mac using FileMaker Pro 11; other users use the database through FileMaker network on their Windows computers. Each is using FileMaker Pro 11 for Windows.   I'd like to keep the database small by linking related documents instead of embedding them in container fields.

This works fine on my computer.  Double-clicking on the icon within FileMaker opens up the linked file in the proper application (Word, Acrobat, etc.).  But the others on the network get the message:  "The file '[name of attached file]' could not be found and is required to complete this operation."

I assumed this would work transparently.  Do I need to write a script for the path?  Is this a Windows vs. PC thing?  Does the linked file have to be in the same subdirectory as the database file for this to work on remote machines?  I'd appreciate any help to solve this.  If I have to write a script everytime I link a file, this will be significant bother.  I may as well embed the file.  Thanks.   Joel