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Remote Clients need to view images.

Question asked by ProZachJ on Dec 3, 2009
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Remote Clients need to view images.


Environment: All Clients: PC win XP

                  Server: Windows Small Buisness 2003


Filmaker Pro 10

Filmaker Server 10


We are a photo lab that processes in excess of 1000 images every day. In our production database, "imageflow", these high resolution images and the thumbnails produced by our image server are shown to the different users by means of containers with references to the image location. These images are on our images processing server which is a different box that is on the network domain hosted by the computer that FMS is running on. We recentley created a database for customer service and sales, "callflow", that integrates with our production database. This database is used at a second location via Remote Clients. Obiously these users cannot view any of these images. Is this just impossible without actually bringing the images into the database? I don't want to do this due to the large number of images we process daily.  I have heard of using the 360works super container to accomplish this, but I just wanted to make sure that there are no techniques that I can use to do this myself.


Things I have considered:


Can I change the image paths in some way to allow remote client users to find them? (i.e. using the internet ip of the FMS server machine?)


Is there a place that I can store the images in the FMS directory that will allow remote clients to view them via reference?


Should I create a database just for images thumbnail images to be imported into and then somehow manage the size of the database by means of deleting older records?