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Remote connection

Question asked by JohnStubbs on Nov 19, 2008
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Remote connection


This is about connecting FM 9 Advanced v9.0v3 to a remote database running on FM 9 Server.


I have two Macs. Mac#1 is a Mac Pro running OSX 10.5.5. Mac#2 is a new MacBook Pro running OSX 10.5.5. Both machines have FM 9 Advanced 9.0v3. Both machines are connected to the remote server via the Internet through a VPN tunnel. The VPN configurations are identical and both seem to work in a similar fashion. I can ping the target server from either Mac when the VPN is connected. No ping if the VPN is disconnected. 


On Mac#1, I setup remote by defining a Favorite Host with the proper IP address. After the setup, when I try to Open Remote, the Open Remote File window appears, the View shows Favorite Hosts, and the Host pane has the IP address that I set up. When I select the IP address in the Host pane, the network path shows "fmnet:/IP address/" and the proper files are displayed in the Available Files pane. When I select the file, FM connects to the remote database. Life is good. Mac#1 works just fine.


On Mac#2, I setup remote by defining a Favorite Host with the proper IP address (identical to above). However, when I go to the File Menu and hit Open Remote, I get the Open Remote File window, but the View shows Local Hosts and there is nothing in the Host pane. I can select the View: Favorite Hosts - and I then see the proper IP address in the Host pane. When I select this IP address, the same fmnet:/IP address/ shows up in the Network File Path, but the Available Files is blank. FM on Mac#2 isn't seeing the databases on the remote server.


I'm pretty sure that I've configured both Macs and FM the same. But maybe I've missed something.


Any ideas on what is going on?