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Remote connection to the host problem

Question asked by DmitryTurusov on Jul 9, 2014
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Remote connection to the host problem


     Hi everyone!

     I have one DB stored on one Mac (10.6.8). I have shared this database via wifi airport.

     I have two other macs (10.6.8 and os mavericks). Once i try to connect to the remoted host and file it works, but within 5-10 minutes connected macs lose the connections to the hosted file and i cant see even Local host.

     I use airport express with DHCP. All macs are in the same network so i can see each of them on the network.

     The filemaker software on my host can be reopened and filemaker software on clients macs can be also reopened but it is not helpful. But sometimes it help. Sometimes not.

     I guess that problem is with my airport settings. Seems like ip address on host mac is not stable. But i cant find out what is wrong.

     Does someone has any idea?


     Thank you!