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Remote File disconnection problems

Question asked by MattRichter on Jul 4, 2013
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Remote File disconnection problems


     We are using a filemaker database but do not have access to the admin passwords - we didnt build it, we just use it.

     The file is housed on the local server - and accessed as a remote file across a wired network.

     The server has it's own copy of Filemaker Pro running the file, and each user (4) has a copy of filemaker Pro on his/her local machine.

     The problem we have is that the connection terminates after about 5 minutes of non-activity from any of the remote users.

     See screenshot attached.

     I cannot see any way to change this settings-wise ... nothing on the net or these forums about why it is happening.

     How can we stop these disconnections? Logging in eveytime you need to use the database is very time consuming (we house all of our Training Documents through the filemaker interface.

     Can I regularly refresh the connection somehow? You can see the ports being accessed on the screenshot - if that helps?

     Any direction would be appreciated.

     thanks in advance.


     Australian Employment Services (AES)
     Tasmania, Australia