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Remote Filemaker hosting Login problem

Question asked by SanderSel on Jun 15, 2009
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Remote Filemaker hosting Login problem


I have a group of about 6 filemaker dbs's being hosted on a remote filemaker server service that is accessible to user's at about 5-6 different locations.  All the users are using filemaker 10 either on mac or windows.  This is working flawlessly except for one particular user who has very intermittent problems logging into the remote server she is on a windows system using XP.  She was having no problems with fmkr 9 but now that her computer is upgraded to 10 she seems to be having problems almost everyday.  I've incorporated a lot of the 10 features into the hosted dbs's so the user's really need to be on 10.  The only that I've been able to determine is that when the user name (in preferences) is set to the same name as the login account name she gets a login error that won't even let her access the server.  Other than that I have not been able to find anything that can be logically explained.  I saw someone had a similar error when the remote server name was entered incorrectly or a space was added inadvertently to the end of the server name.  I've checked this and that was not the problem.


If anyone has heard anything about this or something similar even if you don't have a solution it would be useful to know.