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Remote files on FM Network not found

Question asked by sundown on Jun 26, 2013
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Remote files on FM Network not found


     I have about 10 computers at employee locations that are accessing the FM Pro files that I am hosting on my iMac at home, all either FMP 10 or 11version. Never had any problem accessing the FM network from these remote computers. I just bought a MacBook Air  and loaded a FM Pro 10 app on it. The Remote files do not appear. They are not there even on the Local Host while I am on the same WiFi network. Just to locate the problem, I tried 2 other FM 10 apps just to see if the local Host files would be on the Remote. They are not. I loaded one of the FM apps on a PC laptop I had at home & the remote files are ok.

     I then loaded an old 8.5 version FM Pro on the MBAir, and it works, but not the FM 10.

     I have failed in all attempts to locate the problem. Can anyone tell me what will cause the remote files to not work on this computer?