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    Remote login



      Remote login


           I am havng trouble logging in to a remote database. The file is being hosted on a computer which is on a network without other computers, so there is no Port Forwarding set. My question has to do with the IP address(es) used to access. The computer shows one IP (76.XXX.XXX.XXX -  through sites like whatismyip.com) but when the MANAGE > Sharing options are shown in the file itself, there is another IP given for access (192.XX.X.XX). Neither one works from FilemakerGo - iPad.

           Which IP do I use and how do I format? Do I also use the prefix "fmnet:/"? 


           Thanks - confused

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               And how does your single computer connect to the internet? You still probably have an internet router with the ip address you are seeing via "what is my IP?" and it still needs to forward requests to the computer when you attempt access from a remote site.