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Remote open

Question asked by CharlesVogan on Jul 7, 2012
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Remote open


OK, this should be easy, but it's evidently beyond my ken - it's not working.

I have a database file that I created in FM12 (Mac), and used Transmit to put it up on my server (StartLogic) in the root directory.  There it is. 

Now I assumed that I could use FM12 on my Mac to remotely access the file.  So I chose "Open Remote File", set up info about the file, and put the IP address of my website on the StartLogic server as the "host's internet address."  

Then under "Network file path" the program automatically inserts "fmnet:/" in front of my IP address.  Why, I don't know.  Then I put the file name in following that, and it tells me that "The file “SBI-Classroom.fmp12” could not be opened.  Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."

When I fiddle with the "Network file path" data, there are varying messages of failure.  Nothing that looks like a valid path works.  

Any ideas? Or am I cheating somehow, and trying to access a database on the server too easily? 

Charles Vogan