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Remote open problem - files not showing

Question asked by KSI on Mar 12, 2010
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Remote open problem - files not showing


I'm a FileMaker developer and have a Windows XP machine with FMP 8.5 Adv, 9.0 Adv, 10.0 Adv and now 11 Adv. installed. 


Our client is running FMS 8 and their users are accesssing the hosted files with 8.5.  We're now going to upgrade them to FMP 11, but in our testing, we can't see the hosted files in the Open Remote Local Hosts window.  They do show in the Favorite Hosts window with the IP address, etc.  I've noticed that in my own tests, the files do show in 8.5 and 9.0, but not in either 10.0 or 11.  Is there something different about 10 and 11 -- in that they won't show with FMS 8?  We haven't installed FMS 11 yet, but we have it and will install it soon.


I was hoping to install the FMP 11 clients first and then transition to FMS 11.  But it seems that we may have to switch the server first, and then install the clients.