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Remote opening multiple external data sources

Question asked by RodLayman on Jun 4, 2009
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Remote opening multiple external data sources


I have a collection of databases on a PC host machine running Vista and FM10 Pro. The databases provide a package of property management functions and are mostly separate .fp7 files, accessed through a "Main Menu.fp7" file. The other databses are mostly separate .fp7 files such as "Property info" or "Work Orders". The host machine has Filemaker TCP/IP sharing turned on and the files all the database files have access priviledges set wide open.


The other two PC's in the office run Vista and XP with their own FM10 Pro licenses. They need to be able to remotely open the "Main Menu.fp7" on the first PC and access the databases. I am having a few problems:


1. the host machine (Vista) doesn't appear to be "broadcasting" the files that are open (Main Menu.fp7) to the other machines, both of which have Bonjour installed. However, these two machines can see hosted files on my laptop when I bring this to the client's office.


2. the "Main Menu.fp7"does open remotely from my laptop. However, the other databases that Main Menu.fp7 is supposed to open are not available to the client machines. I have tried some workarounds here including having "Main Menu.fp7" open (hidden) all the necessary databases. This works except that each file has to then be accessed by going through the "opern remote" routine on a client machine -- annoying. 


I have also tried adding the network file source paths to these files in the "External Databases" dialog so that each client machine can find the file. This works except that the file is then opened as a "shared" file, again through an annoying dialog and with the limitations of this approach.


Any suggestions? An obvious answer to problem #2 is to combine all 15 database tables into one .fp7 file -- a lot of work since the layouts and reports would need to be re-done.