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remote record creation iPad pictures not uploading

Question asked by BFalasiri on Jun 27, 2014
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remote record creation iPad pictures not uploading


     I flounder. There are no nearby FM experts, and the ones that I have hired remotely cannot answer these questions to my satisfaction. I have a small shop, running FM 13 on a dedicated mac mini, which acts as a server. we have 2-3 users, and do not anticipate an increase for the next few years. I am NOT running FM server, and cannot justify the expense at this time. We do use FM 13 on a desktop, but primarily our inventory, and point of sale system has been created for use on the iPad. Pictures are a big part of this. 10,000+ records, each with 2-3 pictures. We are gearing up to use this on site with our customers for sales and service.

     However, we are running into problems when we create records remotely from our warehouse. There are crashes and slow uploads on LTE. (Records searches from the desktop also often result in crashes.)  Our internet speed is as high as I can get. Our iPads are on ATT network, the best in our area. I realize that using LTE will have problems because of varying signal strength.

     In the event that photos can not be uploaded on site, can they be taken with the iPad camera and imported into a FM Go record right from camera roll or photo stream? will the photo be properly archived on the server? i need this to function well before we change over our system to FM and FM Go.


     Also would using FM Server resolve any of this? if so, why?


     Your thoughts, comments, pointed remarks, all welcome!