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    Remote server files not visible via VPN



      Remote server files not visible via VPN




      I have FileMaker Server 9.03 running at a remote location and I have Filemaker server running locally as well. When I connect to the remote location via the built in VPN in Mac Os 10.5.7. Go to Open / remote,  only the locally served out files appear.  The router at the remote end has the ports 5003 and 5053(?) open. I can type in fmnet:/remote non-routing IP of remote server/filemaker data bade file name/  and it works fine but I would like it to appear in the local served files as the local served files do here.  I hope that was clear.


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          When you select "Open Remote..." from the File menu, it will search for all shared database files in your local network.  It will not search external networks.  One solution is to add the IP address to your "Favorite Hosts".  That way, you can select "Favorite Hosts" from the pop up and access the files.



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            "Open Remote..." showing "Local Hosts" will only display FileMaker Pro (and FileMaker Pro Server) instances that are sharing databases if they are on the same local subnet.  Apple's implementation of ZeroConf (Bonjour) is used on both platforms to advertise and browse available databases (it will be installed for you on Windows) without having to enter the IP addresses manually.