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    Remote updating of filemaker v13 database



      Remote updating of filemaker v13 database


      I have a FMPro v13 database on my office machine. Due to the nature of the business, I need to be able to access it from remote locations via my laptop.
      Initially installed the software on my laptop, together with a copy of the database, and attempted to update my office copy by importing the data. This created many problems, not least of which was a duplication, rather than an updating, of data.
      Ideally, I would like to use the internet in order to access the original database and do live updates, but can't see how this is possible.
      Anyone have a solution please?

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          When importing the data, if you are the only one modifying data, you can define a date field to enter the current date every time a record is modified. Then you can set up a script to find and import only the records with modification dates newer than the date of the last import. When you import that data, you can show all records in the table that will receive this data and do a an "import matching records in found set" type of import and match records by primary key fields. There's an additional check box that you can select that will add a new record for each record in your source table that does not have a matching record.