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Remote worker dilemma

Question asked by trouty on Dec 20, 2009
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Remote worker dilemma


Hi,  have just changed over to Filemaker 10 and wanted to use the Instant Web Publishing (IWP) for a remote worker, who could then log into my pc and access data.  My computer guy says that by using port forwarding and working in this way, my own PC will be slowed down and said a much better option would be to buy server space to use IWP.  Upon considering using IWP, I realised that my having to use my filemaker pro database in this way would be very restrictive and slow compared to using the database on my own local machine.  The question I have is that my ISP says that the only way I can access my filemaker pro database on their webspace is if filemaker has built-in ftp capability.  Is this correct, and does filemaker have it's own ftp built-in.  The other options is for me to use a dedicated filemaker hosting company, but this is expensive for my needs.  Which route should I take.


Any suggestions much appreciated.