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Removal of 'Embossed' and 'Engraved' effects in FMP 12 -- WHY?

Question asked by EddieAlbert on Apr 10, 2012
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Removal of 'Embossed' and 'Engraved' effects in FMP 12 -- WHY?


I have been playing with the demo of FMP 12 for a few days. I understand the need for a new file format. I understand most of the changes they made to the program. I even like the new Format Styles, although I cannot understand why they did not make them editable (unless you want to monkey with hidden xml files).

I am frustrated to death that they removed the Emboss and Engrave effects from objects and buttons. It may seem like a small thing, and it may not be hip and as pretty as some people want, but it WORKS great for separating elements, buttons and fields visually. and more importantly, it translates well to Instant Web Publishing (IWP). Not only do the new Format styles not translate to IWP, they cannot be used at all with IWP.

So all those fancy image based buttons, rounded corners & blends are useless if you are working on a project that is also to be implemented using IWP. Who wants to build a special layout for IWP?

Surely there is no reason to eliminate it other than the lack of understanding of customer needs or wants.

It cannot be a a code thing. I am guessing it could be added back very easily. Especially since 'classic' elements still use the effect.

And yes, I know I can copy and paste old embossed eliments and still use it, but thats just silly to have to do a workaround on something simple like this.


Filemaker- please put it back!!!