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    Remove <No Access>






           I'vie created different Privilege Sets and I would like to know is there a global way to not have <No Access> show up. Id like to just have the field blank. 

           If there is not a global way to do it what is the easiest way to do it?

           Thank you 

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               Any find performed, either by the user or a script will automatically omit "no access" records from the resulting found set.

               Thus a simple script that would find all records for a "full access" user will find all records for which access is permitted for a "limited access" user:

               Say your table has a primary key field. Such a field is never blank, so if you perform a find for all records where this field is not blank, it will find all records for which the current user is permitted access:

               Enter Find Mode[]
               Set Field [YourTable::YourPrimaryKeyField ; "*"]
               Perform Find[]

               If you own FileMaker Advanced, you can even modify the menus used such that selecting Show All Records or pressing the keyboard shortcut for it, performs the above script.

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                 Thank you for responding. What I actually have is a record and I only want one or two fields in that record that do not have access. For example, there are certain users that I do not want to know what our gross profit is for a specific job. But I want them to see everyting else in that record. 

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                   Unless you move those fields to a separate related table, you cannot use record level access control to control their ability to see these fields.

                   You can send such users to a different layout where those fields are not displayed or you can use one of the layout object visibility control tricks in this demo file to hide them from view on a layout: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8levaz6deiyzjr8/LayoutObjectVisibilityControlDemo.fp7