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    Remove blank space in Portal Field



      Remove blank space in Portal Field


      having difficulty laying out bullet point-type text in a portal field. it seems like removing blank space by sliding up doesn't work on multiple text fields within a portal. is that correct?

      if so, does anyone know how i might go about laying out bullet points in a portal field on a report?


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          You are correct about the sliding. You can use slide up to close up unused space for a portal row but not for a portal field.

          I can throw out a suggestion, but don't really know enough about your report layout to know if it's a workable suggestion or not:

          Base your report on your Portal's table and pull the data from your parent record by placing the fields from your related parent record into a sub-summary part that serves as a sub-heading above the data you are attempting to display in your portal. Since you are no longer using a portal, you can now use sliding to slide your multi-line text fields up to reduce the unused "white space" in your report.