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      Remove Entry



           Is it possible to set up a db that allows the user to remove an entry from a list of records by clicking an "x"?


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               Yes.  Look at the invoice layout on the Invoice Starter Solution (The X button would be the same as the Trash Can Icon).  You would create a portal with an x in the portal then right click to setup as button, then select "delete portal row" request.

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                 If you only want to remove it from the list of found records you can make the command 'Omit' instead of permanently deleting the record. (Something we very rarely do.)

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                   Thanks, Sorbuster.  I don't have FM on my computer yet, as I was providing a quote to someone for a freelance project.  If I get the job, I might have more questions.

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                     And you might want to get a lot more familiar with the product before quoting someone a price on a project that uses it. wink

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                       Yes, +1 on that, although when I decided to take the risks associated with that, I took into consideration that I will be in a better position to quote future FM jobs after doing this project.  Also, I am an IT grad student, and have designed databases with SQL +.

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                              Also, I am an IT grad student, and have designed databases with SQL +.

                         While a good working knowledge of relational database design as well as being able to write programs in one of the common programming languages will be all plus, a good working knowledge of SQL can actually be something of a handicap as FileMaker does not, except in certain limiated contexts, use SQL and SQL fluent programmers often find themselves frustrated when they reach for a familiar SQL approach to querying a database only to find that FileMaker uses a completely different way to get the same results.

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                           I'm downloading it now...