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    Remove Field Calculations



      Remove Field Calculations


      I need to save the data from many tables with many calculated fields. Is there a way to change Calculated fields to Text fields in mass, not one at a time? Or, is there a way to import a table into a new table without the calculations. In other words, the data in calculated field n of table a is imported into a text field n of table b.

      This is a time saving question. I can import tables, change calculated fields to text fields, and then import records.


      Jim C

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          You can export to a text file of a number of different formats. The data from calculation fields will export as text just like your other data fields.

          You can import data from FileMaker Table A into FileMaker Table B, and the contents of calculation fields can be imported into text, number, date, time, timestamp, container fields quite easily. But you have to set up that table and even with FileMakerAdvanced to copy/paste table definitions, you have to set up those corresponding data fields on at a time.

          What you might do is export your data into a merge file, then import the data back into FileMaker using the "new table" option to set up your "data only" copy of this table's data.

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            Thanks. At worst I will have to mouse click calculation fields into text fields, but first I will study the merge file idea.