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Remove first word from a field

Question asked by tmgee on Jul 29, 2010
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Remove first word from a field



MAC OS 10.5.8

Hi FMP users,

 Been an FMP user for a long time.  I have scoured the forum and cannot find a solution. Basically I have imported a list from another database.  I need to create a calcualtion that removes the first word and it's trailing space from that field.

I have imported the data into a field titled PRODUCT which is displayed as CS DRESSED STONE CARMEL

I have created another field titled PRODUCT2 and need the calculated result to be DRESSED STONE CARMEL

I need the calculation to strip the first word not just 2 characters due to the fact that the first word could be 2 or more characters in length.

Email me off list if needed. 

Thanks for your expertise!