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    Remove last portal row record



      Remove last portal row record


           I have a portal that has been build in a previous layout so the items on there are fixed already. However, in the portal, there is always an additional row at the bottom that doesn't contain a record but you can still enter into fields which I'm guessing then creates a new portal record.

           How can you get rid of this additional row that isn't wanted? If this can't be done, is there a way to prevent the user from entering data into that row?

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               Under the file menu click Manage, Database. Click the Relationship tab.  Then select the table occurance related to your portal.  Edit the relationship and uncheck allow creation of records in this table via this relaionship. 
               You may need to create  another table occurance if you will need to create records from the original portal. You would have one table occurance with allow creation checked and another occurance with it unchecked.  Then you would use the table occurance with it unchecked in the portal than you do not want the blank field(s) at the  bottom of the portal.