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Remove Or Omit Terminated Records from Database

Question asked by GregChapman on Sep 14, 2010
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Remove Or Omit Terminated Records from Database



I'm certain I have missed this in the many hours of great tutorials I've watched over the past month and in the interest of keeping my sanity I thought I'd try the good people here. (But this is fun stuff!)

I have database set up for our small school of approximately 100 students and all is going well.  I have a date field called "D.O.T." (Date of Termination)...When a date is entered in that field I'd like that record to be removed from the main database and exported(?) to another one called "Terminated".

I am able to export to the "termination" database the found records of those students that have been terminated but then they are still listed in the main database(?).  Or do I focus on a way to simply keep those records hidden or omitted rather than sending them anywhere else?

Thank you in advance for any help...