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Remove quotation characters during import

Question asked by AndrewSleeth on Sep 12, 2014
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Remove quotation characters during import


I do daily updating of records (FileMaker Pro version 13, Windows 7) by importing a tab-delimited text file that includes unwanted quotation mark characters across a few text fields. (The original data source is an Excel download from a website.)

I'm trying to discover if there's a way FileMaker will remove the quotation marks for me during the import.  Yes, I realize it only takes a few seconds to perform a find/replace on the text file.  But still, why do that myself every day, especially considering that I sometimes forget and have to repeat the import/update.

I tested adding validation by calculation to a field of concern that uses the Substitute function:

    Substitute ( textfield ; Char ( 34 ) ; "" )

It didn't work.

Can anyone spot the problem, or maybe suggest a more elegant solution?

-- Andrew