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Remove spaces after pasting a column

Question asked by EricaJackson on Jan 8, 2013
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Remove spaces after pasting a column



     I copy a column list of medcations and paste the list into the "Medications" text field. The filed has an autocalculation TextFormatRemove (Self).   I then have a calulation field     cMedications    that turns the list in the first field into a paragraph

     Substitute ( Medications; "¶" ; "; " )    The resulting paragraph has many empty spaces  between each medication. I've been reading on the Forum and I think I need to use a trim function but I'm not sure which field to apply to. And since both fields already have a calculation, can another calculation be added? Or should I try to add a third calculation field and apply the trim function to cMedcation field...I tried a couple of combinations and I keep getting error pop ups

     Thanks for the help!