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Remove Text Format on Existing Records

Question asked by AndrewCohn on Jan 29, 2013
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Remove Text Format on Existing Records


     Hi all,

     I recently discovered a field in my database being used for web publishing allowed for text format - Bold, Italic, etc, but this simply not needed as that formatting won't show up on our web store.  I changed the field to do a TextFormatRemove(Self) calculation on it, and even unchecked "Do Not Replace Existing Value in Field", hoping that it would update all existing records and eradicate the formatting.  However, it didn't (it only changed by going in, editing the record, undoing the change, and exiting field) so I need to cook up a script real quick to clean up all the records.

     It'd be a loop of course, but I'm not sure how to write a script step to do this.

     Start Loop

     Set Field PRODUCTS_tog::WebBlurb


     Go to Next Record, Exit Last

     How can I make a script to touch each record and deal with the new calculation in place for the field?