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Remove the right to create databases

Question asked by Jason1222 on Feb 25, 2009
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Remove the right to create databases


Hello everyone and thank you for the forthcoming replies/responses.


I have deployed Filemaker 10 across my network and I am happy with the installation via the network.

I did however run into some snags with the Silent Install calling the Setup.ini and Assisted install files, but I worked around all of those little issues and deployment was relatively smooth.  Moving along...


The 1 feature, it did not take into account from either of the afformentionned however, is "removing the right to create databses".  Is there a way, a script, registry key, .ini file or anything else I can modify to remove this right from the users of Filemaker??  I'll deal with the how to get it onto every machine, I just need to know how to remove that.


Thank you again in advance.