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    Remove the right to create databases



      Remove the right to create databases


      Hello everyone and thank you for the forthcoming replies/responses.


      I have deployed Filemaker 10 across my network and I am happy with the installation via the network.

      I did however run into some snags with the Silent Install calling the Setup.ini and Assisted install files, but I worked around all of those little issues and deployment was relatively smooth.  Moving along...


      The 1 feature, it did not take into account from either of the afformentionned however, is "removing the right to create databses".  Is there a way, a script, registry key, .ini file or anything else I can modify to remove this right from the users of Filemaker??  I'll deal with the how to get it onto every machine, I just need to know how to remove that.


      Thank you again in advance.



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          Hello Jason1222,


          In order to remove the right to create databases you need to modify the Assisted Install.txt file before installing the software.


          The value you need to change is AI_NONEWDATABASES=0 to AI_NONEWDATABASES=1 




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            Thanks for the reply.  I did do that.  It didn't take though, probably because of the way I deployed using:

            "C:\temp\Filemaker10\setup.exe" /S /v"/qn+ INSTALLDIR=\"d:\program files\FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced\""


            I have a script that copies the Filemaker setup files to the local c:\temp of the machine, runs the installer from a batch file using the command above and does the Silent install in the background. 


            I followed the documentation from Filemaker and tried every way for the "silent, no user interference required" installations possible and this is the only way I could find to get it done efficiently.  I modified the setup.ini file to point to the d:\ drive for the install, but it seemed to ignore that and I tried using the Iassist.exe way with the 'assisted install.txt' file, but that seemed to fail also. 


            Now that it is deployed, I need to remove that right from the Users.  I assume, since I can script in the install, it must write a value somewhere where AI_NONEWDATABASES= 1 is setting the value...


            Thanks again

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              Thanks TSNaner.


              I went back over all the setup files and assisted install files, and I guess for some reason, I either overwrote with an older version, or did not save, naybe someone else overwrote the location of the file (probably me), but when I checked indeed it was set to = 0.


              I corrected it, re-ran the uninstall/install scripts and there you go, everything working as intended.