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Remove ‘No records match this criteria’ dialogue box

Question asked by WillPeart on Apr 13, 2012
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Remove ‘No records match this criteria’ dialogue box


I am running a database for archived photos. I have set up some pre-determined searches of the photos by subject. If a user clicks on the button “Sport”, a script runs that searches different fields (item description; series description) for a few different search terms (football, basketball, sport, carinval etc).  This is done by Perform Find and Extend Found Set scripts.

At this stage there are no photos of sports carnivals, but there may be in the future. The aim is that as more photos are put in the archive they will get picked up by the Sport button.

My question is this: is there a way to stop the ‘No records match this criteria’ dialogue box that come up with the Sport search? This appears because the Extend Found Set scrip step searching for carnival returns nothing, but as a whole the search returns many records for the other search terms.