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Removing a record from a layout

Question asked by KerillEzzy on May 23, 2013
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Removing a record from a layout


     I currently have two layouts.

     The first is 'Underwater Equipment', the second is 'Equipment movement Log'. The first layout outlines the details of the location and various fields reflect data that is concerned with this. The second is a record of equipment details, repairs and movement. Certain fields here are show in a portal in the 'Underwater Equipment' Layout. I have a button on both layouts that links to the related data in the other layout. The relationship is built on a code that is a location code.

     What I am looking to do is to move the data from the "Equipment Movement Log' into another layout/table when the equipment is no longer able to be repaired - say a 'Graveyarded' Layout. I do not want this to be seen in the Equipment M'ment Log' as the equipment is no longer current. We have to keep all details of the graveyarded stock for yearly auditting and multiple year comparison of equipment damage so erasing a record completely is not an option. I do not, however, wish this failed equipment to be included in with the data of working equipment.

     I have tried searchign teh forum for an answer but am out of luck unless someone else has seen an answer somewhere.

     Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be offered