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Removing a Valuelist from a dropdown box

Question asked by aammondd on Jun 1, 2011
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Removing a Valuelist from a dropdown box


I was playing around with a layout and changed a field from edit box to dropdown and selected a valuelist.

after doing so I couldnt deselect the valuelist (i only have one valuelist). I know it seems odd that you would want a dropdown without a valuelist (and I really cant think of a reason why this would be the case) but it seemed to me that I couldnt disassociate the valuelist with the dropdown box. The only way I could do it was to delete and recreate the field.

I would turn it back to an edit box save the layout but each time I turned it back to a dropdown it had  the valuelist present.

I just think this is odd. Im working with FMP 11 Adv on Windows 7