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    Removing blank spaces in subsummary parts



      Removing blank spaces in subsummary parts


           I have a layout with a header, three successive subsummaries,a  body and a footer. I've set all the subsummary and body fields to slide up and to resize the enclosing part. Each part has only one field. The summary parts do not close up when their fields are empty, leaving blank lines in Preview. Doesn't slide up work for fields in subsummaries? How can I eliminate the blank lines?

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               Sliding should work in sub summary layout parts.

               Two possible issues:

               Are you in Browse Mode? Sliding is only visible in preview mode  or when you print/save as PDF.

               Is there space in the sub summary part above and below the slding layout object? That space won't be removed by the part resize, only the vertical space taken up by the empty sliding object will be removed by the resize--and then only if no other object in the layout part prevents this.