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    Removing current ID from value list



      Removing current ID from value list



           I am using the Document table to record the hierarchical relationship among the document records. So, all documents but one will have a "parent" document and possibly one or more "child" documents.

           The relevant Document fields are:




           The established relationships are the following:

      Document ::__kp_Document = DocumentToChildDocument::_kf_ParentDocument

      Document::_kf_ParentDocument = DocumentToParentDocument::__kp_Document


           On the Document_Detail layout, based on the Document TO, there is the Document::_kf_ParentDocument field used to assign the "parent" document record ID to the current document record. 

           The Document::_kf_ParentDocument field gets its values from a the ParentDocument value list with the followign settings:

           Use values from first field: Document::__kp_Document

           Also display values from second field: Document:.DocumentName


           With these settings there is no way to prevent  the current document record ID  from being displayed.


           So if we have already entered 2 documents being:

           Document 1:  Document::__kp_Document = 1  Document::DocumentName = Manual

           Document 2:  Document::__kp_Document = 2  Document::DocumentName = Instruction 1

           when the 3rd document is created with Document 3:  Document::__kp_Document = 3  Document::DocumentName = Instruction 2

           and we want to assign to it the ID of the parent document, the ParentDocument value list gives the following choices:

      •           Manual
      •           Instruction 1
      •           Instruction 2


           Is there any way to prevent the current record ID value from being listed?



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               Use a conditional value list. The relationship for the conditional value list can use the ≠ operator so that the relationship matches to all records except the one with the current records id.

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                 Hello Phil,

                 I implemented it. Thanks for the tip. 

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                   Hello Phil,

                   Although the use of a conditional value list works perfectly well and allows selection based on the document's hierarchy, it is not user friendly when you have to choose a document record out of hundreds. That is the reason why I rarely use a value list to select values from a large list.

                   Since I always use your portal based picker set up (enhancedvalueselection 2/6/2012) when in need to select a value out of hundreds I wonder if it could be implemented in my case. So far I have used it  both in the Parent --< Child and Parent --< Parent|Child >-- Child cases. However I am not sure how to use it in my current situation and being able to rule out from the selection list  both the current record and the records with a lower hierarchy than the current one.

                   Your feedback is, as always, appreciated.


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                     I'm not sure how you would filter out the "Lower hierarchy" records but a portal can certainly filter out the current record with much the same expression that I used to describe the relationship.

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                       Hello Phil,

                       The standard portal filter to show all the records in the picker is:

                       IsEmpty (Selection_DocumentForDocument::gSearchDocument)  or PatternCount( Selection_DocumentForDocument::DocumentName ;Selection_DocumentForDocument::gSearchDocument)

                       So in order to filter for the current record I erroneously thought that all I needed was to add:

                       IsEmpty (Selection_DocumentForDocument::gSearchDocument)  or PatternCount( Selection_DocumentForDocument::DocumentName ;Selection_DocumentForDocument::gSearchDocument) and Document::__kp_Document ≠ DocumentValueList::__kp_Document

                       or alternatively:

                       IsEmpty (Selection_DocumentForDocument::gSearchDocument)  or PatternCount( Selection_DocumentForDocument::DocumentName ;Selection_DocumentForDocument::gSearchDocument) and Document::__kp_Document ≠ Selection_DocumentForDocument::__kp_Document

                       But it doesn't work

                       Could you give me a hand on what addtional restriction should I add to the filter?





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                         I'm not sure which table occurrence name is the layout's and which the portal's but....

                         Try enclosing the first two terms in parenthesis  (term1 or term2 ) and term3

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                           Hello Phil,

                           That was it!

                           Many thanks