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Removing current ID from value list

Question asked by NaturSalus on Nov 14, 2013
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Removing current ID from value list



     I am using the Document table to record the hierarchical relationship among the document records. So, all documents but one will have a "parent" document and possibly one or more "child" documents.

     The relevant Document fields are:




     The established relationships are the following:

Document ::__kp_Document = DocumentToChildDocument::_kf_ParentDocument

Document::_kf_ParentDocument = DocumentToParentDocument::__kp_Document


     On the Document_Detail layout, based on the Document TO, there is the Document::_kf_ParentDocument field used to assign the "parent" document record ID to the current document record. 

     The Document::_kf_ParentDocument field gets its values from a the ParentDocument value list with the followign settings:

     Use values from first field: Document::__kp_Document

     Also display values from second field: Document:.DocumentName


     With these settings there is no way to prevent  the current document record ID  from being displayed.


     So if we have already entered 2 documents being:

     Document 1:  Document::__kp_Document = 1  Document::DocumentName = Manual

     Document 2:  Document::__kp_Document = 2  Document::DocumentName = Instruction 1

     when the 3rd document is created with Document 3:  Document::__kp_Document = 3  Document::DocumentName = Instruction 2

     and we want to assign to it the ID of the parent document, the ParentDocument value list gives the following choices:

  •           Manual
  •           Instruction 1
  •           Instruction 2


     Is there any way to prevent the current record ID value from being listed?