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Removing depricated data from validated fields

Question asked by DarrenC on Sep 16, 2014
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Removing depricated data from validated fields


Here's an issue that likely has several solutions. I did do a search and was surprised to not find anything.


I have several table-based value lists set up on various fields. These fields are set to "Always Validate / By Value List." and the "Allow User to Edit" box was unchecked.

The records, therefore, are all populated with a value that is on the Value List for that field.

The issue is, what if I want to remove a possible Value from a Value List? When I do so, the data in the records remains, even though that value is no longer on the Value List. How do I 're-validate' that field? I'd be happy with the record becoming empty, which is what happens when you try to import data that is not on the Value List.