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Removing Entries on the Fly

Question asked by mattatobsidian on Apr 20, 2013
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Removing Entries on the Fly


     Greetings - this one should be relatively straight forward:

     I'm using Filemaker as a sales tool and have created a layout called "leads". In Bento, I had a sub-layout or smart layout called "active leads" - entries from "leads" were sorted based on whether or not they met the criteria in a field called "activity" [on hold, pass, lost, killed] were all options within the activity field. If any of these criteria showed up, they would NOT be included i the active leads smart list.

     I'm trying to carry over the same idea in FMP12. I understand how to sort and create smart searches, but what would be really cool is if I could remove entries that didn't match the criteria on the fly without having to re-find every time. Is there a way to do this?