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    Removing Formatting for Dial Script



      Removing Formatting for Dial Script


      I'm really new at filemaker, but here's my question. I have phone numbers displayed as a calculated value to ensure uniform display formatting. So when I type 1234567891 it is reformatted to (123) 456-7891. This is the formula:

      Let(Phone = Filter(Phone 1;"0123456789");"(" & Left(Phone;3) &
      ") " & Middle(Phone;4;3) & "-" & Middle(Phone;7;4))

      This is working great, but I also have a button that uses the dial script to place calls on my iphone. The problem is that I can't have spaces or other characters in the phone number for it to dial correctly. So I'm wondering if there is a way to make the dial script remove the formatting and revert the formatted phone number (123) 456-7891 to an unformatted version 1234567891.

      I'd really appreciate any help I can get on this.

      Simple explanations are necessary because I have hardly any knowledge of Filemaker.