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Removing Runtime? Seriously?

Question asked by MorkAfur on May 20, 2015


Removing Runtime? Seriously?


I know being able to create Removing Runtime Solutions hasn't been "removed" yet from FM, and may not ever be, but what exactly is FM thinking about even "depreciating" the Runtime solution in 14 Adv????

An obvious (knee-jerk), and possibly unfair, response might be that they're trying to force us into expensive solutions like FMS and the increasingly-expensive concurrent license "model" (yuck) ($$$). Remember FMS 12?

I hope FM backs down and comes to their senses and leaves FMP the way it is or offers something way better.

Instead, try making the product easier to use in some areas (like data analysis or making tiny window panes resizable) or doing an OO re-write so you can send messages to objects like virtually every other product on the market! Those are a few ideas, suggestions where FM might put their efforts.


I saw this related discussion: and saw that I'm not alone in my response.

I've never seen a company try to remove (or "depreciate") good things from a product to, or so it seems, bolster profits (but annoy and alienate developers!).

It's possible, hopeful, that FM will come out with something way better (like GO for Mac, Windows as others have speculated and requested), but with no "road map" and only depreciating key features, it leaves the door wide open for speculation, which of course, I'm doing here. :)

Yet, if the software will no longer be what I want, I need to know that ASAP, so I can transition to another company/platform (for example, possibly,

How about a road map, FileMaker?

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