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Removing Sunday from total days of the month

Question asked by nickodm on Dec 8, 2011
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Removing Sunday from total days of the month


Hello all,

I thought this would be faily easy but somehow I am stuck on it. Our production department used to work Mon - Sun. So for the report their number of working days would be the current days in the month. Thus I was able to handle it with this function:

Day ( Get ( CurrentDate) ) in an unstored field

Now they will be closed on Sundays. So the report needs to remove any Sundays from the working days number.

All the examples I was able to find need a start and an end date. But I am trying to do this on the fly. The goal is that at any given time when the end-user runs the report the number work working days are automatically calculated to be the number of days so far in the month minus any Sundays. 

I hope that makes sense.