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    Removing Text from beginning of imported csv text



      Removing Text from beginning of imported csv text


           I have a solution where we import a single, long text file into a field in FM 13.  The provider has modified their output so that there are two lines of text I DON'T want to show in this field.  I'm looking to remove everything before the text <SUBJECT> in this import, but also don't want all of the records I already have imported that don't include this text to be changed.  

           I just want to replace all of the text prior to this <SUBJECT> with a hard return.

           Also, you can't import into a calculation field, but the import is a script . . . so would I import the text first, then run a "replace field contents" script with the calculated results that I want?  

           I was considering something like Case ( PatternCount ( field ; "<SUBJECT>" ) > 0 ; Replace ( field . . . ) ; field ) 

           I think a string search / case routine might work, but I don't know how to set it up correctly.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thank you.