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Removing text from the middle of a text field using find/replace

Question asked by cresal on Aug 23, 2011
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Removing text from the middle of a text field using find/replace



I'm having trouble figuring out how to make this step work...

I have a large text field with, basically, a list of items from a related table. When a new record is created in the other table, information from that record is copied into the text field above any previously existing text (but not overwriting it). A user can delete an item from the other table, so what I need to be able to do is also delete to cooresponding item information from the text field.

The number of characters for each item is not consistent, and the item information being deleted could easily be in the middle of the text field so I can't use a function that pulls first character/words.

I've tried setting variables using information from the item record, and using find/replace to remove the text, but it's not finding anything. Why isn't this working? Or does anyone have another suggestion for how to set this up?


my current script looks something like this: (triggered by a "delete item" button in a portal)

set variable [$item_name; Value: RelatedTable::Name]

Delete portal row

Go to Field [Table::notes]

Perform find/replace [$item_name; ""; find next] (set for current record, currect field)


This is my Friday so maybe I'm just tired and not seeing it. What can I change to make this work? Or should I go about it another way entirely?